Course Questions

Drone Building This section is for questions/problems related to the course “How to Build a Raspberry Pi Drone” Drone Programming This section is for questions/problems related to the course “Drone Programming Primer”
Raspberry Pi drone course videos [Course Questions] (3)
How to Use This Section [Course Questions] (1)
Environmental variable reference [Course Questions] (2)
Submodule Update [Course Questions] (2)
Setyaw not working [Course Questions] (3)
Ubuntu Export for courseRoot [Course Questions] (2)
Would this course help me achieve this objective? [Course Questions] (2)
ArduPilot Installation Part 1 [Course Questions] (4)
SITL Drone Introduction Video [Course Questions] (8)
Usage of Arduino IDE or Atmel Studio [Course Questions] (2)
Ubuntu Setup [Course Questions] (1)
Drone Motor Screw Tops Fly off when throttling [Course Questions] (5)
Power Supply Question [Drone Building] (2)
Navio 2 dicussion [Drone Building] (1)
Downloading ArduPilot Source Code [Drone Building] (4)
Some interesting mavproxy SITL commands [Drone Programming] (1)
Problem with sudo vi ~/.bashrc from "Ardupilot Installation part 1" video [Drone Programming] (4)
QGroundControl [Drone Programming] (4) [Drone Programming] (14)
Cannot set mode in MAVProxy [Drone Programming] (4)
MAVProxy crashes Python - version incompatibilities? [Drone Programming] (1)
launchSitl link timeout [Drone Programming] (7)
How do fix the error message regarding when trying to QGroundControl.AppImage [Drone Programming] (3)
No joy with joysticks [Drone Programming] (1)
Upgraded pip but cannot install PIP MAVproxy [Drone Programming] (2)
SITL Battery [Drone Programming] (2)
Emlid preconfigured release and Dronekit connect timeout [Drone Programming] (3)
Timeout in initialising connection error [Drone Programming] (12)
Connect() Link timeout, no heartbeat in last 5 seconds [Drone Programming] (12)
Lauch using PATH on .bashrc file [Drone Programming] (2)