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Drone Programming This section is for questions/problems related to the course “Drone Programming Primer” Drone Building This section is for questions/problems related to the course “How to Build a Raspberry Pi Drone”
Earn Money By Answering Questions! [Course Questions] (2)

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Python 3 - VirtualBox preinstalled [Course Questions] (1)
Camera installation [Drone Programming] (8)
Installation/version inquiry on Dronekit, Mavproxy and Qground control - [Course Questions] (3)
X6B ESC Calibration [Course Questions] (6)
Batteries not included [Drone Programming] (3)
Command '“export' not found [Drone Programming] (3)
Calibrate Camera Error [Course Questions] (2)
Submodule update error [Drone Programming] (15)
Submodule Update [Course Questions] (3)
How to Incorporate https:// with "git submodule update --init --recursive" [Drone Programming] (6)
Fix: "git submodule update --init --recursive" ERROR: fatal: "unable to connect to" [Drone Programming] (1)
Motor nut replacement [Drone Building] (3)
Waiting for vehicle to be armable loop [Drone Programming] (7)
Motors run only for 1 sec [Drone Building] (5)
PiHawk Supplemental Build Manual [Course Questions] (4)
New Kit, New Build [Drone Building] (5)
Unable to submodule mavlink - tried altering 'git' to 'https' [Drone Programming] (8)
SOLVED Could not load the Qt platform plugin "xcb" in "" even though it was found." [Drone Programming] (3)
Cannot connect to drone via internet [Course Questions] (11)
WPA - what should file extension be? [Drone Programming] (13)
UBEC Line and ESCs [Drone Building] (6)
Camera drone, radio questions, mission planner [Drone Building] (6)
Motors don't spin after MP calibration [Drone Building] (12)
Contact - Caleb [Drone Programming] (2)
Where are the video course's [Drone Programming] (5)
X6B Receiver Replacement [Drone Building] (3)
Course questions and projects [Course Questions] (2)
M8T useful? [Drone Building] (1)
Go backward or go forwards, where is the sweet spot? [Drone Programming] (2)