Calibrating ESCs Motor shaking/stammering



I am working on Video Calibrating ESCs. I managed to calibrate the motors with black top. When I try the motors with silver top the motors just shake or stammer but do not speed up like the other two.
When I detached the motors from the frame and tried to calibrate unattached both silver top motors work fine. I am using the Dojo Drone kit.

Any suggestion!




See the following and try the process again. Make sure the frame mounting screws are not contacting the motors.

Note this can be also be accomplished conveniently using Mission Planner

Let us know how it goes ; )



Another thing you may look into @AliMuhammad is the bullet connectors on the motors.

If they are just jittering back and forth, this 99% of the time means there is residue on the bullet connectors of the motors, creating unnecessary resistance.

You can start out rotating the male bullet connectors in a circle when they are plugged into the ESCs. This will sometimes scrape off residue.

If this doesn’t work, you may need to take a small pliers, gently grab one of the 3 motor bullet connectors and rotate it in a circle. You will see a white residue come off. Do this for several rotations and on each bullet connector. Then try to power it again. Doing this a couple times should remove jittering behavior of the motors.


I just had the exact same issue wierd… played with the wires switched them around… took them in and out and now its working

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Having a like issue. New build, new components…don’t suspect any corrosion on bullets and, without de-soldering the ESC and connecting it to the next motor over, the issue follows the ESC. New ESC bad (probably, it’s Chinese)? Didn’t calibrate correctly maybe?