Where are the video course's


I’ve had two heart surgeries and computer crashes.
I am no longer able to access my paid course materials via my pc.
I am only able to reply this method because of the email sent regularly.
The drone kit is built but now I desperately need the programming if it is ever going to fly?
It is the. Raspberry pi quadcopter drone kit. Purchased around two years or so ago.
Help please!


Sorry to hear about your setbacks, but will try to help get you up and going again.
Did you email Caleb via ‘Contact’ from the Home page?
I sent him a text as well.


I emailed Caleb direct as I found an old backup of email addresses.

It appears that I have found video on an old tablet so I’m rather hoping I can Port them over to my PC.

One issues I’ve found though is these videos I have seem to cut off very sharply at the end of each video. Causing me to think maybe there was more to see when that video goes blank.


Some do, but give me an example.


Just about everyone of the build videos for the drone kit. Some are worse than others though.

Anyway, I’m now onto the programmer video section but here my problem at this point.

I try to log into dojofordrones.com/courses/
but I now can’t get into the courses to continue my build with the
Software build…

Caleb hasn’t answered so any help to get things going again and get this drone off the ground would be appreciated!

Thank you.