PreArm: Board (4.2v) out of range 4.3-5.8v


Getting the following message in ArduPilot Messages.

PreArm: Board (4.2v) out of range 4.3-5.8v

I guess this is the reason for motors not moving.

Is it because the PixHawk is powered through the PC instead of battery?

Any suggestions?


Yes, don’t worry about it if you are not intending to move the motors, otherwise a battery is needed.


Thank you, I downgraded the firmware to 4.0.5 and now I am able to move the motors.
When I tried to take off the drone it just fell on the nose. Afterwards the front motors stopped working. After several tries, I am able to get all motors to run again but I am afraid to fly it.

Any suggestions?


Thrust imbalance can occur for various reasons, but typically it is due to uncalibrated escs, incorrect motor spin direction or/and prop placement. Note motors are designated as CW or CCW based on the shaft screw direction for the prop. It can also result from choosing the incorrect frame type during setup. In this course the “X” quad frame is used.


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