Pixhawk vibration damper board


The PixHawk kit seems to have a vibration damper plate that comes with it with 4 blue damper posts and two black plates that don’t match up. How do you connect them together and with the pixhawk and raspberry. Your video doesn’t match the actual boards. I do have a 3D printer but only 4 blue vibration dampers where can I get more?


Hi there, Kent!

The vibration plate that came with the pixhawk was designed to have the pixhawk mounted with the double-sided sticky tape. I do believe it would still work if you sticky taped the RPi first to that plate, then placed the Pixhawk on top.

However, since you do have a 3D printer I would recommend printing out the RPi specific vibration dampening plates. With these, you have mounting holes that are aligned with the RPi’s. If you want to go this route, you can get some more vibration dampeners on amazon.

Here are links to the RPi specific vibration dampening plates:

Platform to mount on top of RPi that Pixhawk will sticky tape to

Hope this helps!


These STL files don’t match the items in the video:

Worse yet, they don’t match the bolt hole pattern of the F450.

Are there updated STL files somewhere?



I messaged Caleb for you.

You can buy these on Amazon too.