Navio 2 dicussion


Good day all.

Ok so I want to get other peoples impressions concerning the Navio2 FC. I have had 2 of them for about 2 years now and have nothing but issues with them.

The most common problem I have is in-flight shutdowns leading to very expensive crashes. Yes, before you reply, I have been in contact with Emlid each time and they are not able to sort out or deep dive most problems.

So I am interested to hear what other peoples experience with the Navio 2 ecosystem is.

Have you had the same issues as me or has your experience with Navio 2 been good?


This is not a reply to your question but I have purchased the Navio2 for my future build. It appears that the instructor uses the Navio2. Maybe he has not had any of the problems you listed. From an electronics standpoint, the problem might be power supply related and not the Navio2 itself, or, if you are writing your own code/missions maybe there is some errant code causing the shut downs. Just thoughts…this is an old post from April, maybe you have it sorted out now? Also, see the error confirmation snippet attached.