Full gz sim on 22.04 LTS


Here I have installed UBUNTU 22.04 + ROS2 + GAZEBO + ARDUPILOT + DRONEKIT on VIRTUALBOX (Windows 10):

1 Install latest VB with Guest Additions.

2 Install Ubuntu 22.04 minimal installation.

3 Install ROS2 Humble Hawksbill.

4 Install Ardupilot SITL with latest fm:

5 Install dronekit and dronekit-sitl:
sudo -H pip3 install dronekit==2.9.2
sudo -H pip3 install dronekit-sitl==3.3.0

6 Install QGroundControl

7 Install Gazebo Garden
Note: The ign gazebo command was deprecated in favor of gz sim.
Note: Install sudo apt install libgazebo-dev libopencv-dev prior to "cmake … "

8 Misc
Suggest using VB snapshots after each major install.
This uses a different implementation of worlds (ie, sdf files)
Not all dependencies same as shown in course material.
Consider installation of virtualenv.
Use only python3.

9 Demo

Run Gazebo

gz sim -v4 -r iris_runway.sdf

Run ArduPilot SITL

To run an ArduPilot simulation with Gazebo, the frame should have gazebo- in it and have JSON as model. Other command line parameters are the same as usual on SITL.

sim_vehicle.py -v ArduCopter -f gazebo-iris --model JSON --map --console

Arm and takeoff

STABILIZE> mode guided
GUIDED> arm throttle
GUIDED> takeoff 5


Great intel. I have been hoping for an update on versions. Ardupilot version is 4.0.3?, Mavlink? Mavproxy? All the latest?? QGroundControl, still Windows only correct?? Thank you.


Ardupilot 4.3.2. Yes, All latest on Windows host.

I will be trying to reproduce the course programs (eg, Precision Landing) in this environment.


My last conversation with Emlid on the Navio2 was that it was good to go for Ardupilot 4.0.3. Do you think there will be any suprises if I use 4.3.2? This is not a fair question, I will just have to try 4.3.2, but I can likely do the 4.0.3 as well…??


Not sure I do not have Navio2 experience.