Does anyone want a Vmware for the Python3 Setup?


I created a Newest release on Ubuntu VMware (not virtualbox) with a Python3 setup based on:

Also installed VS Code and updated everything without install any errors…
Pending no errors going back through the course material on course content, if people want the VM I can try top upload it somewhere?


This is an advanced install not ready for prime time Precision Landing. Still a work in progress for that. Otherwise it seems to be a stable platform. Suggest sticking with ROS1 for now


OK cool cool… yea seems to be working for the course so far… Reupping on that as I have a project I am working on… I have not messed with the ROS part at all… I know thats a Robot Operating system… but not sure how that integrates into what we are doing here? Just saw the install guide and included it to the VM.

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