Error in rangefinder sitl set up


i am trying to test my sitl drone with the rangefinder sensor. i am following the steps from the documentation ( But when i enter the mavproxy command ‘param set RNGFND1_TYPE 1’ .
i get the error ‘Unable to find parameter RNGFND1_TYPE 1’ .

Any help is gratefully appreciated . Thank you


I looked at one SITL configuration and just found RNGFND_TYPE and RNGFND2_TYPE. Then I looked at another install and found RNGFNDx_TYPE, where x=1-9 and ‘A’. Will try to look further why the difference.


Yes I also only.have Rangefinder 2 . So I set the parameters of it to be the same as what it is stated in the ardupilot documentation but when I test flight nothing shows on the graph . It doesn’t graph anything. Could it be that the source code cloned from the ardupilot github is different hence the disparities ?