Drone Disconnects After Arming


I built a drone using Drone kit (Pixhawk and RPi 4) with PX4 and QGroundControl. Before arming, everything is normal, but once armed, the drone briefly spins the motors, disconnects from QGroundControl, and the Pixhawk lights dim as if low power is supplied (the warning shows that low battery warning.). Any solutions for this issue? Is the issue with battery itself (battery is new)?

Note: The battery is fully charged, and all seems well until armed.


Is there a ‘smoke stopper’ installed? If so, remove it.
It is used only for initial electrical connections, or when changes are made.


Thank you. that problem is resolved. But After arming the drone and increasing the throttle and decreasing it, it is being dis-armed automatically mentioning that landing is detected. How do I configure to not dis-arm on landing?


It is supposed to do this. Check the setting for PILOT_THR_BHV if you want to change.

Search on this link for ‘landing disarm’: