Connect() Link timeout, no heartbeat in last 5 seconds


They work just fine with 3.6.11 on my build, I was thinking of upgrading to AC 4.0.4 for fun though anyways. Thanks!

One issue I’m noticing though is that during dronekit scripts only, I sometimes get “Bad Baro Health” appear in mission planner. If I fly about manually though there is no issue. Could this be dronevit vs AC3.6.x related?

Despite that, the mission performs as expected.


That’s great to hear!

If you do try out 4.0.4, let me know how that works for you! I have tried 4.0.0-3. With all I experience violent rotating upon takeoff in GUIDED mode. Others have reported this issue too. If you do go on this adventure maybe try a low altitude with a dronekit script. Of note, the issue occurs sporadically, and you can actually experience many good dronekit flights before experiencing this issue.

Regarding the bad baro health issue, I actually haven’t experienced that issue before. I occasionally receive bad baro health messages, but they always quickly subside. Additionally on my builds, I have experienced this in multiple flight modes. Do you notice any aggressive shifts in altitude when this baro message appears?