Can I still start?


Hey I recently deleted my virtual box because I reached the lesson where the python script launches the ground control station 3 . And everything was messing up and I couldn’t find why and also my arm also messed up . I want to start again but will the depreciation of python 2 be a hinderance ? Please help ?


Hi Gee

“… I recently deleted my virtual box because…”

Why would you do that? The entire lesson uses VB.

“…but will the depreciation of python 2 be a hinderance…”

The Dronekit scripts are using python 2. How is it a hindrance?

If things get really messed up, I would just delete everything (except perhaps your saved scripts) and rebuild from the beginning. Very subtle differences from the course instructions can cause you trouble. On the other hand, if you can identify the source of a problem (eg, missing dependency), then of course the solution is more simple.


Thanks so much for the reply. I am starting right away . This isn’t the first time so I am used to everything . Oh my gosh sir I don’t know how to thank you enough .i hit a snag for over 3 months and couldn’t find anyone to help or even reply. I wasn’t able to start up the ground control with the script so I am going to start again and if I do hit that snag again I think I have found the place were I can be helped


Yes, I will try to help :thinking:. Otherwise I am sure Caleb will step in when it is difficult.


Thanks so much for this . I have been able to set up Ubuntu and I have almost reached the place I hit an obstacle the other time . Hopefully this time it turns out differently.


Hi. Because of the internet configuration on the raspberry pi will I be able to use a camera preferably a py camera to take photos and send those photos over to a database in a server ?


I have set up my pi 3 with both the pi noir camera, a logitec USB cam with 2 axis swivel internal mechanics and wifi remote management, plus and array of small and cheap sonar sensors for each 6 drone face directions. Mind you I had not the emlid hat attached then, but all that data coud be crunched fast enough to surpass the hardware controlers that emlid provides if enough time was spent creating the AI based flight controller that data could produce… But ya… yes you can certainly get a camera worink on your pi with eithewr usb, access to 3-5 pins (if used they can be coupled with other sensors using some sort of multiplexer or signal sharing or something… :slight_smile: