Camera Calibration Issue


When attempting to calibrate my Raspberry Pi camera with the
python script, I get this error message:
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “” line 3, in
import cv2
ImportError: No module named cv2

Not really sure how to fix this. I’m guessing the script isn’t detecting the open-cv? which is weird because I downloaded python-opencv and numpy dependencies from the video before. I have the RPI-CAM-V2.

Thanks for any assistance.


Hmmm. Can you confirm that you have cv2 installed?

  • Open up a terminal
  • Type python
  • Type import cv2

If it was discovered, there will be no errors.

If it wasn’t discovered, try the above only with python3 instead- it is possible you installed opencv on a particular type of python, and are trying to use with a different version of python.


Hi @caleberg,

It turns out opencv just wasn’t downloading when I did sudo apt-get python-opencv. I had to do an app update and it installed after that. CV2 was imported and camera calibration worked fine, thanks!



When testing the OpenCV Aruco Tracker on the Raspberry Pi,

Does the Aruco need to be oriented the exact same way you have it on your white board in the video? Also, do all sides need to be 19.5cm, or just the vertical.



Sorry for the delay, Joe. This message seems to have slipped by my notifications.

I would recommend having a white background that your Aruco marker is sitting on- this makes it easier for the beginning of the black marker to be found by the camera.

I believe the measure of the marker should be the same on both sides, as the Aruco needs to basically be a square. If the printing of the marker is obscuring the square shape into a rectangular shape, I would play around with the print settings so that each edge of the black aruco marker portion is the same length.

Hope this helps!


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