Batteries not included


I thought that heading might draw a little attention?
This issue might well have been reviewed before but I could not find it , so I need to ask for myself.

Now I purchased the Drone kit a little over a year or so back and built it ready to install the operating system and then had health issues, so it never got finished.
Well those heart issues (Hopefully are gone); are a year old now and getting back into the drone build.

Now originally I purchased two batteries that apparently are giving me problems. They are 2200 aMH 3s 30 c. (I charged them up when first got them). One is now rounded (I think its blown and NEVER used) and the other kept giving me Bad Battery in Mission Planner when the drone was connected by battery. Plus one ESC burnt out~?

I live in the UK: so Lipo batteries are somewhat different and might not be available and in fact when i purchased these batteries I just could not find 3000Amh.

I guess really the question is:
What batteries are RECOMMENDED BEST to be used for Caleb’s Drone Kit.
The videos shown in the Charging Video to be a 3000 aMh 3s 11.1 Volt 50c?
Is that the BEST battery for the Kit. If not what is?

Maths are my worst subject especially Algebra and trigonometry. They are just alien to me and people might just as well speak Klingon. No disrespect to mathematicians on here!

Thank You!



You can buy LiPo batteries on Banggood or Amazon.


I know of several place to “BUY” batteries!
But, that was NOT the question.

So let me state the question again… What Lipo battery is recommended to use?
IS IT a 3000 aMh 11.1 volt 3s 50 c or is it some other battery Volt, aMh.