X6B ESC Calibration


So I am successfully calibrating the ESC’s as shown in this video (https://dojofordrones.com/topic/calibrate-escs-x6b-receiver/). However, after rebooting and holding the enable button, the motors won’t spin.

After searching I found another forum question about it. ESC Calibration


Are you saying the solution in the forum question you found did not help?


I haven’t been able to test what I believe the issue is yet after reading the forum.

From reading that post, I believe that after calibrating the ESC’s, you need to disarm the drone. If I just disconnected the battery from the drone and reconnect after calibration, I get no movement after arming. So I believe I need to disarm via the button from the pixhawk, then disconnect and reconnect.

Does my theory sound close to what it might be?


Check this link which might help with esc calibration:

Arming/disarming is easiest using the throttle stick.
Arm - right lower corner, Disarm - left lower corner.
Alternatively, you can program a controller switch.
The safety switch, if used, must first be turned off to arm. Note some GPS modules have integrated safety switches.

Let me know if that does not help.


This helped! For a more detailed explanation, I was assuming the safety switch was the arm switch. So I would try and take off, but got no movement from the motors. Once I read your last statement about the safety switch, I realized what was meant the whole time. Hold the safety switch till solid, then arm it with the controller. Thanks!

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