Where is UBEC?


Is the UBEC here for powering the pi supposed to be in the pixhawk parts pack or 9pc wire pack or another item? I don’t see it listed separately in the parts list, and i don’t see it here. Is it something I’m just supposed to know I need? I see in other posts that there are other ways to power the pi, or I can just order one but want to make sure I’m not just being stupid.


Oh, maybe that comes if the kit comes from dronedojo?


A BEC is not included in the Dojo kit builds. It is not required for the courses, but a 5V Switching BEC powered by the same or secondary LiPo as the sole 5V power feed to the voltage rail or RPi is a good idea if you plan to add other peripheral devices that draw a lot of current. Note in the course the ESC BEC is used to feed the rail, but it is optional and many OPTO ECSs do not have this. The Pixhawk servo rail is normally not used as the primary fc power source, but can serve as a temporary backup.


Thanks for the info.

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