Ubuntu 20 + Python3 setup


I just would like to thank you dash for sharing your experience here. Thanks to your information, I just went through the DPP course successfully! Mine was as follows.

$ pip freeze | grep -i mav

$ pip freeze | grep -i drone

As you suggested, what I did was to downgrade pymavlink==2.4.15–>>pymavlink==2.4.8 in the virtual environment and hand over vehicle object to some functions. Since I use a very old laptop (EPSON Endeavor) in which Ubuntu 20.04.2 LTS was already installed, your information helped me a lot!


I tried this with 21.04 but no luck. Got stuck installing prior version of pymavlink.


You are welcome, glad to be of help!


Hey sorry for the late reply. Did you figure it out? Is it still relevant for you?


NBD. 20.04 worked, tried 21.04 just for kicks.