[SOLVED] Calibrating ESCs pixhawk


Hi all!

I have a Pixhawk drone just assembled, with FS-X6B RC Receiver with PPM encoder all in one.
The ESCs are connected to the pixhawk, and 3 of the 4 have the red wire out.
Mi RC emitter is bound with the receiver, but no success trying to calibrate, here is my try: My Try (I’ll try to improve the video), but basically I’m:

1 - Power on the RC emitter with throtler down
2 - Power the drone
3 - Pull up the throttler
4 - Push the switch for few seconds

The videos I saw shows how some beeps should sound, and the engines do some move… nothing of this is happening…

Any suggestion would be appreciated!

Best regards and marry christmas!

How to calibrate the newer ESC
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The steps should be -

  1. Power transmitter with stick up.
  2. Connect LiPO battery
  3. Disconnect battery with stick still high.
  4. Re-connect battery.
  5. Push safety swtich (if applicable)
  6. Wait for tones (from motors)
  7. Pull throttle stick down.
  8. A long tone should then be heard.
    [See https://ardupilot.org/copter/docs/esc-calibration.html]

Alternatively, you can use Mission Planner as described here -



Thank you very much!

I had two problems: first of all, I was trying to calibrate after removing red wire from ESCs.
After fixing that, I have a double flashing yellow led on Pixhawk when powering on.


You can calibrate without any of the red ESC wires in the flight controller rail.

Regarding the LEDs, see https://ardupilot.org/copter/docs/common-leds-pixhawk.html. A double flashing light simple means it hasn’t passed the pre-arm check.


Thank you very much jax200! The issue was I didn’t flash the ardupilot firmware into the pixhawk before calibrating!
I flashed the firmware and later on I could calibrate without problems.

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Good to hear.


After flashing the firmware to the pixhawk, is calibrating the compass and radio needed before calibrating the esc’s?


No, but I usually do.