Propeller nuts keep coming off



the nuts on my propellers keep loosening when spinning, sometimes even after simple test missions that involve only hovering for a few seconds.
When looking at the front of the drone, the black nut is right and the silver one (red in the course videos) is left. On the back rotors, it’s the other way round. So, essentially, the tightening direction of every nut is opposed to the motor’s spin direction.
I’m currently using these replacement propellers, but I had the same problem with the original ones. I’m using the adapter rings that come with the propellers to better conform them to the motor shafts.
Currently, I handle the problem with Loctite, but that surely isn’t what the motor constructors intended.
I can’t even explain the problem. The spinning should only lead to the nuts tightening even closer…

Thanks in advance


Could you confirm which motors and props you have?
Are they CW/CCW, or all one shaft type?
When you screw the nuts on to the shaft they are tight?
Are the nuts coming off of all or just one shaft type?
Using the prop washers it is definitely tight?
I use a wrench to tighten before every new flight day.
You should never have to use glue.


A motor was CCW if the nut is tightened in CW direction, right? Then everything should be in order. See the following image:

The black nuts are tightened CCW.

I screw them down as tight as I can using my bare hands. In don’t use tools, that may have been the problem.

They got loose on every shaft.

Yes. I use the prop washers with the smallest diameter that still fit the shaft. They conform precisely with shaft and propeller.

Maybe I didn’t tighten the nuts enough. However, the drone is supposed to start and land autonomous several times, so I can’t control the nuts with a wrench after every flight. I think I’ll stick to Loctite for now. It’s not really a glue, more of a screwing-off-resistance-enhancer and underrated in drone applications imho.


Everything looks good. I think using a wrench will solve your issue.
I don’t do this after each flight, just do a quick check before going out for the day.
Loctite 242 ‘blue’ would be best since you can break the bonds if necessary. I use it on all the motor mount screws, but never for props.
By the way, from my reading, it seems ‘CW/CCW’ pertains to the shaft/nut direction, not the motor spin.


When I built the drone kit the instructions I received showed the prop screws going the opposite way to the props turning.
So if the prop was spinning to the right the screw went left and if the prop spun left the screw went right.
However, I have not been able to install the programme to even get past calibration let alone test fly.


That is correct - CW motor shafts the prop goes CCW and vice-versa.

Perhaps post your other issue in a new thread?

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