Pixhawk replacement


Hi All,

I’m from the UK and it seems hard to find stockists for a replacement pixhawk, when I removed the USB lead the inner silver connection from within the pixhawk came with it.

Not sure if it’s worth opening up the case to see if it can be reattached, but I don’t seem to have the right screwdriver / key for the case, do you know the name of the tool i need for that?

I’ve got the telemetry working for it so all is not lost but I have in mind that I should look to replace it and to find a good UK stockist for such things. I can find on ebay a few suppliers that ship from China taking 15-20 days, seems a rather long time to me but perhaps that’s the way to go. Amazon UK don’t seem to have much of a choice.

Also found this one https://droneshop.biz/product/pixhack-2-8-4-pro-pixhawk-based-flight-controller/ is different than the one in the Drone Kit purchased via Drone Dojo but presumably fit for purpose?

If anyone has a good supplier for Drone related things based in the UK please pass on the links, if I find any I’ll post it here also. Thanks All :slight_smile:

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Thanks @jax200 Just used the link and ordered it with a service motor, 2 day free P&P.

Will return the favour one day :+1:


Glad to help.

Lee (UK) has some very helpful lectures as well.