Motor sound?


On a particular build, after powering up, the motors are emitting a 1/sec sound. Once I disarm the safety switch it goes into the typical esc calibration sound sequence and then all is good to fly. esc calibration has been performed.

So what’s up with this?

motor sound (


Is this after the drone has been powered up for some time without being armed? I know on my builds if I power up the drone and do nothing else, after some time all motors will start this annoying beeping until they are armed or the safety switch is pressed.

Do the motors work fine other than that?


It’s soon as they are powered up. Then after I disarm the safety switch, the motors are fine.

It seems it is the same as what you experience, only quicker!

Not sure if this is an esc thing that can be changed with the esc firmware.

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