MAVSDK interest


Since dronekit is no longer active, I am interested in trying out MAVSDK API and was wondering if anyone has dabbled?


Just curious, ‘dronekit no longer active’ What has replaced it and what does that do to the courses on Drone Dojo?


I have not, but willing to learn. Can start a thread perhaps under Drone Chat?


Many people, myself included, are still using dronekit without issue in the real world and the SITL. This topic has come up in many drone forums and it is still working fine for many.@sanperez if you are having an issue, it would be good to lay it out to see what the problems are. Indeed there is limited support, and MAVSDK might be an option. I have also played around with using the straight underlying MAVLINK protocol, but as you can imagine, without a nice API, those have presented some headaches for me.

BTW, you might now be interested in this.

Dronekit news

@jax200, oh nice! I’m still running Caleb’s environement from the course, not the downloadable answer key clone, but my own. But I think I might update my environment soon with your specs from that post, thanks!

Regarding dronekit, I have not ran into issues, that I know of, directly tied to the API, and I have completed the simulation portion of the percision landing course, but I am currently trying to debug the real-world portion. I just ask out of curiosity… I can create a thread under drone chat when I get a chance. It would be pretty cool to explore MAVSDK once I feel like I’ve mastered dronekit, which will probably be a while lol.


@CarlRossi, I dont think it does anything to the drone dojo courses because the API still works, as far as I can tell. However, when we start creating and sharing more advanced missions, we will probably want to explore other options, like MAVSDK. idk tho, thats what I’m thinking…


FYI I am running more complex dk python code than the course in my SITL and in the field without issue. For example, my specific interest area is the drone runs a grid survey pattern with on-board environmental sensors (eg, temp, pressure, gas), mapping the location and highlighting areas where a reading is above a threshold, and sending real-time data which is plotted on my laptop.


@jax200 that sounds pretty sophisticated and cool af! I hope to run similar missions as well… soon.

This is really good to hear bc I wasnt sure how much of DK I should explore and I had no idea of it’s level of reliability. Since you are running these types of missions, I am going to give DK more trust. I am still careful, but hearing this gives me more relief and I can focus on fine-tuning the hardware.