Launch QGC with dronekit script part3


Hi Adel, sorry have been pretty busy. Can you upload the script and the task you are trying to achieve then I will help you out



Hi there @Adel

This may be a QGC issue.

Try downloading this old QGC version (4.0.10)

If you’re still experiencing the error, it may be an ArduPilot version issue.

Try using ArduCopter 4.0.3 if you’re not already.


Hi @caleberg & @jashshah999

my vm crash so i downloaded ubuntu 20.04.

followed the instruction above but i cannot start for some reason. Do you have any ideas?

i am using python3



It looks like you have “autoset” and it should be “autotest” so the file is not found, cause the directory is spelled incorrectly. If you fix that you should be good!


Thanks @caleberg

it almost worked but at the end i got this. Any ideas?


Hmm, looks like whatever software versions you are using has some errors.

This is why I recommend using the recommended software versions at the beginning of the course, cause you never know what is going to break and what you’ll need to fix with new updates.

It may be worth it to download and import the pre-configured VM image, which will have the environment already set up and confirmed to be working once you create a VM from the image.

Without having direct access to your system you are using where you’re experiencing the error, it’s hard to offer debug advice. But it is most certainly a version issue.


Hi @caleberg
I re-downloaded the vm box and started from the begining. I have uppdated the QGC software but i am still facing the same issue launching —> launchSitl, where i manually need to swipe takeoff at the QGC to enter the guided mode. The same thing happens when i need to enter to LAND mode :confused: any ideas?


Make sure you’re on:

ArduCopter: Version 4.0.3
QGC: Try 4.0.10 available here



I am using the 4.0.3 version with the QGC 4.0.10. Is there any command i can use to dubble check?


Hmm, at least this doesn’t block the script from executing.

It really might be easiest to download the pre-configured VM image from the intro of the Drone Programming Primer and importing it into a new VM on your computer. This issue shouldn’t be happening on that.