WPA - what should file extension be?


The wpa_suplicant file started in Notepad++ for the internet set up returns a “TXT” file name, but when that SD card is inserted to the PI it isn’t found in the Advanced IP search!
Is that the right extension for the file name?
If not what should the file name be?
According to an answer already in the answers this question is different in that you have a differently named “WPA_ SUPLICANT file name”. Your’s states that it is a “.CONF” file??
How or where did the CONF come from??


You’re right in saying the file should be named wpa_supplicant.conf.

The .conf extension is a legacy from good 'ole UNIX and is a configuration file. Linux flavours like Raspberry Pi OS uses .txt and .conf.

Hope that helps.


Thinking about this further, the easiest way to configure the RaspPi OS is to use Raspberry Pi Imager and setup everything before flashing the SD card. When you open the Imager, you can select the OS Lite, then down the bottom right corner there is a Gear Icon, click and you can setup WiFi, hostname and your usernames passwords. Bingo!



Sorry, But this has become more and more confusing and frustrating. Originally, I had the SD Card operational before surgeries that is. Since then I changed the router supplier from SKY to BT. So all i thought i would do is change the router name instal the new password and save? Not so of course now I know it has become a TXT file in notepad++ 8.4.9. So you tell me that it is a UNIX file. “GREAT” plusplus has a unit extension. Save as Unix and wallar. Right?
Nope. 8.4.9 plus plus saves that unix file as a “BASH” extension. Screwed again!
So what is going on and MORE to the point; How do I fix this anomaly??? ASAP


Sorry Ducatinat but I am 83 and have very little knowledge of your instructions. I’m just trying to follow Caleb’s video builds and trying to come to terms again with life.

Though I have now watch these or at least this particular video numerous times it fails to say what it was saved as, just Control “S” and ex out.


I wasnt able to get my Raspberry PI to connect to wifi using the imager.

I get a solid red light on RPI,
I see many components connected to my WIFI under advanced IP scanner,
but not the raspberry PI,

any ideas?


for some reason my laptop WIFI is under 172…
and the Raspberry PI took a 192… address



I can help you in a quick remote session if you need.
I followed DicatiNat steps by using the raspberry pi imager instead of having to create the WPA file manually.
Watch the video in DucatiNat URL, it shows how to use the raspberry pi imager.
what the rpi imager is doing for you is all the steps under “downlaod and flash OS image to SD card” for you


All sorted !!


I can pull up Zoom meeting or I can use Teams meeting. How would you like to continue?

I am first going to purchase another SD Card.

I don’t know if ive mentioned but now I see three ip addresses for the Pi on the same SD Card as well as my old SKY router (which I no longer have) I changed my supplier to a BT contract in December 22


I think i have finally gotten the file extention into the scrip?
But so far everything does not seem to be working for me?
Here’s my days workings 15/2/23
I am struggling here to understand what is happening. So let me try to explain my actions.

Having had several mis-informational responses (in my mind) with the 5 previous sd cards of varying sizes. I decided to buy two more San Disk Extreme 64 gigs, brand new from Amazon…

1.	-I did a quick format of one Extreme 64 gig.
2.	- Then started Etcher 1.4
3.	- Selected the Newly downloaded Raspien 32bit
4.	- selected the NEW 64giig SD card and write
5.	- started NotePad ++
6.	- Created a file name called wpa_suplicant.conf
7.	- Saved As wpa_suplicant.conf with UNIX tagged
8.	- Selected f: highlighted wpa-suplicant.conf
9.	- Open with – Notepad++
10.	- inserted text as seen in Caleb's video
11.	- Cnrt S and X out
12.	- Inserted the newly created SD crad to the Drone.
13.	 - CMD to the Vaio to get ip address
14.	- Advanced ipscanner found NO PI
15.	- Changed –
16.	- Advanced ip scanner found 4 PI ip addresses?? also found SKY router??
17.	 -
18.	-
19.	-
20.	-
21.	- removed drone from VAIO
22.	- Installed upon Samsung
23.	- CMD Samsung
24.	24- started drone connected to Samsung
25.	- Advanced Ip scanner using –
26.	 - Scanner DOES NOT find any PI
27.	- restarted Scanner using – scanner finds nothing
28.	- Restarted scanner using –
29.	- Advanced ip scanner AGAIN finds NO PI

Now there are two things I do not understand at all.

`The first one is why am I seeing a “SKY Router”in the system when my Router is from British Telecomm (BT)?

Then after changing the ip search to – and running the advanced ip scanner again.

The above scan is from the VAIO pc

This screenshot is using the Samsung


I have another story to add?
Chancing my luck (not that i have very much of that lately) I ventured into the bowls of my router.
So strange for me… but I see exactly what has connected AND?
The new BT router tells me that the Raspberry Pi has at some point connected at the IP ADDRESS of
The laptop though with putty and that address can’t find that connection.
So again I am at a complete loss as to how or what is going on or do next?
Of course any assistance would be highly appreciated.



I can do remote session
I can show you how to download the raspberry PI imager and burn it in your SD card
other than that, I am also having issues connecting to the pixhawk using mavproxy with IP.

Im in the Discord channel for the course or ricardo_v28@hotmail.com