Will this Battery/ESC/Motor combo work?


I think I may have bought the wrong ESC’s while trying to find some that would ship Amazon Prime.

I have this battery: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07LGZ3TVM
I have these motors: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B075DD16LK/
I bought these ESC’s because they had a better ratings, were Prime shipping, and I thought since they were 35A they would be about the same: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B086GNQ5WG/

They seem very small though and after going back and reading the description and the reviews I am afraid they are only for a smaller racing drone. Could anyone confirm whether these will actually be ok or if I need to order some different ones? I also have a the pixhawk flight controller and the F450 frame. Thanks in advance!


Look fine to me, although you could have spent less money.


While they may work in theory, they definetely complicate the setup because the motor mounts on the ESCs are not compatible with the bullet connectors of the motors you bought. You will have to buy bullet connector adaptors for these.

I highly recommend the SimonK 30A ESCs like these : https://www.amazon.com/ARRIS-SimonK-firmware-Brushless-Multicopter/dp/B00UL4CYD6/ref=sr_1_13?dchild=1&keywords=30A+ESC&qid=1613942752&sr=8-13

If you use these, you can skip an entire part of the assembly involving soldering female bullet connectors to your ESC or ESC wires. I’ve used these for my quad and they haven’t failed me! The only downside is that you have a smaller distance between your Flight Controller - ESCs - Motors, so if your quad is longer than the 450 or you don’t organize the wires well, it could be a very tight fit.

I bought all my drone parts from amazon and have returned quite a few after finding better deals, you should try to return these or keep them for a future project.


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