Which drone should I buy?


I was able to fly drone with simulator, now which drone should I buy to try out? Since its my first, I would like to keep a budget of $200. I don’t want to get into assembly, that is higher priority to me when compared to budget. So a little bit over is fine, but it should be plug and play.

I found Tello drones to be in range, but I can’t find good articles or description about coding with drone-kit and what we learned in Drone Programming primer course.


That will be difficult, but you can check https://sky-viper.com/journey/, which doesn’t have good reviews. Can also research if there are any RTF drones with Flywoo some of which have been reported to work with Ardupilot.




Implementing Object Detecting and Tracking into a drone

What can I get with more budget?


How much?



I looked up at different places, I can go up to $500 now. But I don’t want to get into assembly, soldering or fixing any wires, I want to stick to coding as that is my strength.


I ordered and paid 1100$ but seems like no update for a week now. What do I do?


Where did you order it from?


I ended up buying Pi zero drone from dronedojo for $600.