Videos are too short


Hey there, I just started the drone programming primer class. It seems like the videos are too short. I have just completed the first part of the lecture and in every single video it cut out at some point. Not that i couldn’t finish to watch the video but the video ending directly fell into words the instructor said and i am pretty sure that the videos are suppoesd to be longer. As reference, here are the length of the videos as displayed in the class:

Course Overview: 2:54 min
Drone System Overview: 11:46 min
Drone Basics and Flight Jargon: 3:43 min
How to use the course forum for debugging: 5:19 min

Maybe its just an issue with the upload but i hope it can be fixed soon.

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Hi there @derleonhard

This is in fact a bad editing job by yours truly. This was my first run filming a course and so the editing is a little rough. There isn’t any missing info however! Sorry for the confusion :slight_smile: