Upgrading PIP / Using SUDO PIP


Description of problem:

  • I’m not sure if I am following your instructions correctly about not upgrading PIP using “SUDO PIP”, but instead to just use “pip install --upgrade pip”

I’ve attached a JPEG file screenshot, hope it’s enough to offer some help. Thank you.


Hi there @Jspatafore49

My main reason for requesting students not upgrade their pip version is to make sure we’re all using the same version, cause I know the course version works.

It looks like you installed pip-20.2.3, and the course uses pip-9.0.1

I think you can uninstall 20.2.3 with the following:

python -m pip uninstall 20.2.3

Then if you run pip --version again it should be back to 9.0.1

Hope this helps!


.Hello @caleberg, When I install pip it is getting .8.1.1.
But you have recommended to install 9.0.1.
Even if I try sudo apt install python-pip 9.0.1 It is not getting updated.
Please let me know if it is OK to proceed or any other way to updae pip to 9.0.1 version.
I got stuck at this point. Please help me out.

Best regards
Samuel Maragani


hey did you found any solution


Have you resolved your issue?