UBEC Line and ESCs


The build video says to “Remove UBEC Line from All But One of the ESCs” but in subsequent videos the red wire is still attached on all ESCs. What am I missing?


Which videos specifically?

The red wires from the escs can be totally eliminated, but one can be optionally connected to the Pixhawk rail to provide power to run other devices (eg, servo). Once you start powering other more power demanding devices (eg, gimbal, large lights), a better method is to furnish power from an independent battery through a ubec. This will also provide a secondary back up power source to the flight controller in the event the primary source is compromised.



The video manual that comes with the PyHawk kit purchase.


Is there any negative consequence of leaving the Red wires connected, apart from increased current drain? The ESCs will still function?


Not a good idea to have multiple voltage sources.




jax200, thanks for this excellent clarification! When I first start working on drones it was confusing. To prevent this, please add this text to the video or in the coursework somewhere.