Telemetry for raspberry pi zero drone


Hi everyone! I built a raspberry pi drone a few years ago following Caleb’s course and video, and last year I bought a raspberry pi zero kit from dojo for drones. I have also been a blue belt member for a while but just haven’t made time for drones in a while. I started working the raspberry pi zero drone this month and it seems I do not have a telemetry module. I don’t see it in the parts list so either I managed to lose it or it didn’t come with one. I saw in the video where caleb mentioned I might not need one, but I see he has one on his rpi zero drone. If I need one, can one of you guys point me in the right direction to get one and/or provide a link? It looks like the one in the video doesn’t have a housing possibly to save weight?


I don’t see a telemetry radio listed for the pi zero drone kit, but you should have received one with the F450 PiHawk kit. You can ask for one if it was missing here (at bottom).

Unless you want to connect with a GCS, it is optional.
Search on ‘Sik telemetry radio’ and you will see some choices. The best for the money is from Holybro.


Thanks! I do have one on the large drone. I just didn’t want to take it apart. I am hoping building the small drone will help me remember how everything works and maybe I can fly them both again. I ordered a Holybro telemetry radio.

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