Telemetry doesn't recognized by Windows PC's ports


I honestly don’t know why our telemetry modules aren’t working properly. The best thing we can do is UDP connection but it has a very short range. That’s why I want to learn how to set up a 4G connection. This way, at least I can say, I don’t need to worry about telemetry.

To update check here: link

I don’t know much about XBee modules but isn’t it another wifi module? It should have a short-range, right?


xbee 1.6 km is pretty good


i used : sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade
to upgrade and it installed new emlidtool also. but when i connected via UDP, it showed the same old 3.6.11 and it showed me that there is a new version 4.0.4 available.
i rebooted but still the same!


Sorry to hear about your continued telemetry issues @iyad @onurbaskin !

Can you please snap a picture and/or send a link of the telemetry modules you are having problems with? Unfortunately, not all telemetry modules are alike. In the “How to Build a Drone” course we really recommend using the ReadyToSky telemetry modules, because I have personally tested many of these units without issue. Some of the other telemetry products are very buggy and difficult to set up (many will have driver issues).

Also, upgrading the ArduCopter version should not affect any telemetry issue you are dealing with. Additionally, upgrading the firmware to a specific version is a manual process that cannot be done with the sudo apt-get commands.

TLDR: My #1 suggestion would be to get those readytosky 915 modules if you aren’t using those already.


In your latest picture it looks like your 915 modules aren’t the ReadyToSky modules- are the ReadyToSky modules something you’d have access to in Turkey? Were your original telemetry modules the ReadyToSky modules?

Thanks for your updates on both of your guys’ drone progress :grinning: I love the tenacity and plowing through issues! Believe me, I know how frustrating those issues can be.


@caleberg i am using the original 3DR 915 that i bought years ago from 3DR Robotics and never used them till now. They worked once before though… its weird that its not showing on my sliLabs on my devices at all



Is your module showing up in the device manager under ports? If it’s not under ports, is there an ‘Other’ section that appears to be your telemetry module? If it’s not there either, I know this sounds dumb but sometimes a simple restart of the computer can fix devices not appearing (it’s magically fixed my device problems a few times :slight_smile: )

If you do see your device somewhere in the device manager, can you tell me what driver version you’re using? (right click > properties > driver). It is possible you are on driver 8.X.X.X and upgrading to 10.X.X.X may help.


If none of this works and you’re sick and tired of getting those modules to work, I’d highly suggest those ReadyToSky modules. I know I’ve been there before, where it seems like you’re just hitting your head against the wall! If they work, great! If not, I believe amazon has a 30 day return policy.


it shows on my device manager as COM4 for one of them and COME5 for the other.
I checked in control panel and saw the silicone labs driver installed.


I’ll continue this project later this week. But I really want to implement 4G instead of telemetry. Since I want to have an unlimited range maybe I can go with a VPN connection between the drone and my PC. So, I’ll try to challenge myself even further. Then I can try to develop a script such as your delivery drone script.

If I come up with something new I’ll create another topic in this community. And Caleb I really do appreciate that you are helping me and all of the users in this community. You are a gem and I think being committed to something and on top of that sharing your knowledge as you solve our problems should be noticed. Thank you so much.


let me know what setup you go with for the 4G.
I might do that as well. I looked up some information about this and there seems to be an issue with not having a static IP. so how can we overcome this ?



Hmm I wonder if we install a different windows driver we could get some results. I’ve had to play around with driver version for other telemetry modules in the past, and I’m wondering since your module is so old it’s best used with the old driver. You could try installing an older driver at this link. Look for the v6.7.6 driver. You should be able to download a zip file that holds within it the driver installer. It will say it’s for Windows 7/8 but I’ve used it on Windows10.

It should also be noted that your driver is 10.1.9.* and mine is 10.1.8.*

Unsure if simply going back to 10.1.8 would fix your problem, but I couldn’t find an easy download for the 10.1.8.* silab driver anyway.


I’ll be excited for any 4G drone updates from you! This would be quite the breakthrough :slightly_smiling_face:

And it is not a problem, thanks for the kind words! It really is enjoyable working with you and others with our like-minded drone nerdiness.