Submodule update error


Hey! Ive been having a problem getting the ardupilot submodule to update. when I type “git submodule update --init --recursive” I receive an error that states:

“fatal: read error: connection reset by peer
fatal: clone of git:// into submodule path ‘modules/Px4Firmware’ failed”

I was wondering if anyone has run into the same problem or if anyone can shed some light onto the situation.
Thank you!


Hi there Charles!

Hmmm that does sound weird. Just want to make sure you are 100% connected to the internet?

If so, maybe try this first:

git submodule init
then try
git submodule update --recursive

Also, out of curiosity, was your ardupilot repo installed with the “Copter-3.5.5” branch?


Awesome thank you! I’ll give that a try!
also yes I am connected to the internet and when I installed ardupilot i did use the “Copter-3.5.5” branch.
Thank you for helping me out, I’m still learning Linux .



But why are you downloading PX4 rather than ardupilot?

Should state

git clone -b Copter-3.5.5


No problem, let me know how it works or if we need to get back to the drawing board!


I believe there are some submodules of the PX4 repo that are used in the ArduPilot main repo, and are initialized with the git submodule update --init --recursive command.


Now I see it. I didn’t realize the course was relevant to PX4 installs.


Hey yall, thanks for helping. The problem was my wifi was blocking ssh. I switched to a VPN and was able to get it all to work.