Ssh to the pi out in the field


I may have missed something and I’m wondering how folks are ssh’ing to the pi to launch a python program when your outside in the field? Are you using some kind of hotspot for wireless or is there a way to do that through the telemetry radio?


I’ve personally used a hotspot on my cell phone to connect my drone with my laptop, worked like a charm! There is a video lesson for enabling an ad-hoc lesson though in the optioanl/advanced section of the “How to Build a Raspberry Pi Drone” course:


I tried following the ad-hoc lesson and my pi OS version has some different network utilities. I ended up with no network connection even with an ethernet cable plugged in.

I set up for using my phone as a hotspot. I changed the connection priorities on the pi and my laptop to switch to the hotspot if it’s available.