Specs for Readytosky motors


I’ve bought an autonomous drone kit and received the default set of 4 920kv motors from Readytosky. Now, i’d like to replace them and mount them to a smaller drone, using a 4s battery.
Unfortunately, as with most noname motors, there are no real specifications available. The only information I could gather from various sites, which I don’t remember anymore, is that the motors are suited for 7 to 12 Volts and 2-4s battery sizes. The specs 4s and 12V already don’t match and a maximum current is completely missing.
Does anybody know how to find specs or have experience with setups that are different from the default setup?

Thanks in advance.


You need to do some simple web searching.
What did you have in mind?

Just use the battery rating for the motor and ESC. The prop will be sized per the motor and frame size. A simple search I found data sheet info here.


There are many Youtube videos for alternate designs. Did you try searching ‘Drone build’? Andy Piper, Oscar Liang, Joshua Bardwell, or Painless360 are excellent sources of various builds.


Thanks, I didn’t find this one. It gives at least a thrust estimation for a certain setup (drawing 9.5A at 11.1V with 1045 propellers). However, I’m still missing the maximum load the motor can endure (I assume it’s more than 9.5A). I’m planning to use a 4s battery which might easily double these 9.5A.
I meanwhile looked up what I assume to be the official manufacturer page, but I found even less information than you did. I wrote an email asking for more specifications and will post the answer, if I get one, in this thread.

BTW.: I’m mainly using ecalc for the planning. Unfortunately, they don’t know these motors either.


If you plan to replace them go with a motor with more data. eCalc is good or tyto with test data.


Just a follow up on my findings:
I contacted Readytosky directly and asked for the motor specs, specifically for the maximum load. Their answer consisted of a link to this Amazon page, which only showed the voltage I already knew. My specific request for the maximum load was simply ignored.
One can problably conclude that the max. values for this motor are unknown even to the manufacturer itself. They were quickly produced and their specifications estimated on the materials used, hence the low price.

Anyway, I guess I go with new motors from a more professional manufacturer then. Thanks for your time.