Samba share permission denied


I am using samba to share dk script between Windows and Linux, but encountering a permission issue -


My smb.conf includes (at bottom)


Windows Features set as


Perhaps there are some linux samba users out there that might know how to fix this?

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So you are seeing your samba shared ‘sensors’ folder on your windows box and you just can’t open it? Or is it that you aren’t able to write the ‘sensors’ folder to the shared space?

I’ve followed some YT instructional videos in the past to get samba going and didn’t experience this issue unfortunately


Are you trying to use a different user? If so (or even if you aren’t), then in your smb.config try adding the line “force user= #The username you want to force#”. Maybe it will give you permission then.


This did not work.


It is strange since I have installed samba without issue on other RPis, and followed identical installation.
Guess it will remain a mystery.