(Resolved)Issues on Motor Spin Direction Video


So I did the calibration on one motor and its working, and then I removed the red wires in next video as suggested. Now I am on the spin direction video:

I reversed the direction of the one with the red wire in which was the one I tested earlier for calibration… Then I tried to switch the cable to other motors and none of them spin at all. Do I have to rebind every motor separately and then calibrate every motor separately? Or is it because I removed those red wires and that was a mistake? In which case do I now need to go get new 30A adaptors…

I am so close to being finished and just have a feeling I was not suppose to remove those red wires it freaked me out removing them and just felt like a bad idea…


Found a post with a similar issue where the silver ones dont spin… saw a suggestion for getting resedu off wires… that didnt work but switching around the wires did… One of them I had to switch the left and right wires… the other one one of the middle ones with an outside one… So the natural wire direction of the 30A with the silver motors is wrong or somthing… not sure… but it worked… Post was here… Calibrating ESCs Motor shaking/stammering


OK so I put all the red wires back in… 2 of the motors the black ones are working and I set the proper spin direction…But the 2 silver ones (Not red) I have silver ones for some reason… They just make a weird sound and bounce back and forth like they want to work but wont spin… Any Ideas? Are my motors broken?

Also why were we told to remove the red wire when we obviously need the red wire in the following video to set up the spin direction, I assume the red is for the power since the light wont turn on without it… and they dont seem to have power without the red one to adjust anything, I think those videos are out of order…


If you are referring to the esc power wire, you can leave them all out. Just plug in the ground and signal wires, ensuring proper direction and slot. Adding one ‘red’ wire to the pinouts as an option will provide backup to the autopilot, but it is better to do this with an independent 5v bec connected to your main power board. You can draw off it for other devices as well. Recalibrate the escs and run the MP Motor Test. Switch any two wires on a motor to reserve spin direction.