Regarding a drone connected to a Pi and live streaming



Is the workflow below possible with any drone on dojofordrones (or any other) that you are aware of?

1) Drone with a camera AND a Raspberry BOTH MOUNTED ON the drone and snugfly fit.

2) Camera is looking down from 400 feet above a sea or an ocean.

3) Camera feed is being continuously transmitted into the Pi from the Drone’s camera.

4) We will upload our software onto the Pi to process the video feed.

5) Pi is connected to the internet through 4G or something like that.

6) A remote computer will access the processed video feed from the Pi in near real time as the “drone+Pi” is flying.

7) The video feed MUST not have oscillations. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT.

Thanks in advance,


I hope someone with more video experience will respond, but based on criterion #7, it seems the camera will need gimbal-based auto stabilization. Hence you are talking about a larger platform to support the weight and software not discussed in these courses.

You might consider asking on the Ardupilot forum.