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I am currently following the drone building videos and for some reason I can’t get enough power to the raspberry pi. I have the telemetry 2 connected to my raspberry pi The Raspberry pi turns on but doesn’t have enough power to be able to connect via putty. I currently have a small power bank connected to the raspberry pi and works great but I want to get the power out of the pix hawk. Current setup hexacopter 30 s esc 5200 mah battery. Thank you.


Hi llorenzo313
Many things could have gone wrong but for sure your battery specs are enough for the raspberry pi and pix hawk. I’ll list things that you could check. Focus on the third point.

  1. Check that your power module is working fine
  2. Check the cable connecting the pix hawk to the raspberry
  3. Check that your battery is actually able to provide the required voltage. You can check the voltage of your battery easily by connecting it to your battery charger. Sometimes the LIPO battery cells are not equally charged which results in low overall voltage. I have had this issue before. If that is your case, then you can find many youtube videos explaining how to solve this issue depending on your charger. In some cases, you’d have to throw away your battery and buy a new one

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Adding to what @Othman93 said, an alternate powering strategy would be to power the Raspberry Pi from the ESC UBEC that provides a 5V output. You should be able to grab any + and - from the servo rail to power the Raspberry Pi.


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