Raspberry Drone Kit Parts Question



I have a question regarding a 3D Printed part (see the attached photo) included in the Raspberry Pi Drone Kit. I understand the part is to be used to house the Raspberry Pi camera (included in the kit), the question I have is how should this part be attached to the frame that comes with the kit? There is no mention of installation of the camera in the course material (at least I could not find it) and I can’t find any part in the kit which can be used to attach the camera housing to the frame.

Please help.

Thanks in advance.


Camera installation is discussed in the Precision Landing course where it is used.

The ribbon cable is first wrapped in aluminum foil to prevent signal degradation, then with electrical tape.
The camera is placed on the underside as shown below (bottom view),
then the cable is inserted into the RPi camera slot (top view).

Use the STL file here to print out the case -


Hi @jax200:

Thanks for the quick response. I will install the camera as shown on my kit. However, it appears that I won’t need the camera initially for my drone kit to work initially. Once I get my drone to work without using the camera, then I will have to take up the Precision Landing course to learn how to use it.