Rangefinder not detected


I have hooked up the tf mini plus rangefinder to the pix hawks Serial 4/5. The wiring is all correct and I have done all the correct full parameter tree changes. When I hook it up to ArduPilot im getting PreArm:rangefinder 1 was not detected ardupilot. Cant seem to find what’s wrong. Thank you


You might want to download the latest firmware and test with the GUI from the Benewake website:


I once had an older version that didn’t work until I updated the fm. You could also post or send me the parameters to double check.


Hey Jax thank you. Im having a hard time finding the application to update the firmware from that link. Do you know which one I should download? Thank you


Check this for upgrade info. You might need to contact them.


Last time I checked the file was called “TFminiPlus Upgrade Tool.exe”


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