QGC retained image?


I’ve been going back over some of the Programming material and noticed for some reason when executing location_based_movement.py (red arrow) just after running auto_mission.py the QGC map image retains the path from the latter (orange path). So how to reset or clear this out when running files sequentially?



Hmmm this is odd.

So QGC closed completely down, then you ran launchSitl again- is this how you produced this?

Is it reproducible? I’m wondering if there is some sort of caching going on that didn’t appropriately wipe the old launch data.


QGC closes down per the bash script, and is reproducible with subsequent runs.

I wondered what would happen if I deleted all the tlogs, and it cleared it up!

However, this proved to be inconsistent - sometimes would work, sometimes not.

I tried to uninstall/delete QGC but curiously after doing this launchSitl still worked, and the deleted QGC files reappeared!

I tried again with another virtual env using the precision landing .ova file and did not encounter this issue.