Problem with sudo vi ~/.bashrc from "Ardupilot Installation part 1" video


So I’ve been following this tutorial and I am trying to access the vim editor the same way he is but I’m getting the following screen when it should look like his. All my text is in white and I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong.

Here is my terminal before I am typing sudo vi ~/.bashrc


So, I ended up editing with nano instead just to see what would happen. All my text is still white so I’m assuming my color scheme is just messed up because I added the export PATH line to the bottom of the text and I can successfully path to from other directories. I just really don’t know why my editor color schemes are janky :confused:


Hi there Jarrod!

Can you run “sudo which vi” and “which vi”?

If either returns “/bin/vi” then it looks like you’re using the lightweight vi version.

Hope this helps!


Wow thanks so much! This is correct that it returns ‘/bin/vi’ but I’m having trouble figuring out fixing this still. If you have any insight that’s awesome but I can also likely figure it out from other forums now that I know what the problem is.