PPM encoder encoder tutorial?


I Cant find a tutorial in the courses for connecting the PPM encoder.
I see pair FS-IA6, and the ones for connecting the upgraded one which i don’t have because I followed the parts list on the site… I only think I need the encoder because it says we don’t need it with the upgraded part. I think I understand how it works, but would like to follow along correctly.

But not one that says how to use the encoder. Am I missing it? Am I being dumb?

Also, I now notice there are 3 “raspberry pi drone” courses that all share some steps but not all.

How to Build a Raspberry Pi Drone
21 Part Drone Building Video Manual
Drone Engineering 101 Camp

I’ve been doing the first one. Is that right if i bought the parts on the list or is another one better?


Yes, just follow the first one.

The course video now dispenses with the encoder:

However, you can find the older video here:

Personally, I have never used either and instead have elected to use receivers with SBUS.


Thanks for the help!

Maybe that’s what I should have done too, but just bought the parts on the list that’s supposed to go with the course.

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