Pixhawk Drone, not working as intended


Hello, once again fellow drone constructors, I have returned to ask once again for your advice.

I am the middle of testing my drone, seeing if there are any imperfections, and as testing (my pixhawk is arducopter pilot v4.0.5) it flashes a color pattern, which symbolizes

Leak failsafe

EKF failsafe

GPS glitch

Radio/GCS/Batt failsafe

I have tried using the calibration videos to help save this problem, but it still shows me this pattern that means this, does anyone know why?

Thanks, Gab.


Enabling the LOG_DISARMED setting might help with a diagnosis which you can post as a .bin file.

Posting a video of the LEDs might help.

Leak failsafe is relevant for underwater ops.

External factors can influence the GPS signal. You can turn GPS off to further isolate the error source.