PiHawk LED - solid purple and can't connect to MP


Damn. I thought I was going to do some final refinements to the trim this morning. But when I connected the battery I didn’t get the regular boot sequence on the Pixhawk. At boot up the main LED goes right to solid purple and doesn’t change. The blue light labeled ‘ACT’ is blinking too.

In addition, when I went to connect to Mission Planner (MP), it errored out telling me it couldn’t find the com port. I tried it with another machine which I’ve been successfully using with MP and it gave the same error.

At this point I’m pretty much at a loss at what to do next. I thought I had everything up and running and bah…

Any help is appreciated.

Additional information:

The LEDs under ‘FMU’ labeled ‘PWR’ and ‘B/E’ are dark/off.