Parts list still current enough/ recommend substitute motors?


Just bought the “blue belt” Membership.

Never done any drone stuff before, but long tome Raspberry Pi/ Arduino /ESP-32 maker.
Planning on building a pixhawk-raspberry pi drone.

Looking at the parts list in this article here
and was supprised noticing the article is 4-6 years old. I’m assuming a lot can change in that time.

Is this stuff still worth using? Meaning the parts listed there. And also the guides in general? I’m just getting started so its not like I need cutting edge stuff, especially if the cost savings outweighs any modernization. Just want make sure its not totally obsolete, or if there are any things in particular that are worth changing.?

One thing I defiantly need to know are what motors I can substitute for the ones listed

Those take like a month to arrive an I’m not that patient. I don’t mind paying a bit more.

Any help would be appreciated want to get stuff ordered!


The hardware is not out of date for learning purposes. If you want to spend more $ there are other options. If you are new to RC flying you should expect to crash multiple times and occasionally have to fix a component. I have broken my GPS mast many times as that is what it on top and sort of ‘protects’ the fc and RPi. So I suggest buying some extra masts and props. I’ve broken the frame a few times but those frames are not expensive.

Amazon is not the only source so if a component is not available look around. For example, those motors can be purchased here. Other brand 2213 935kv motors should be ok. Also be mindful to ensure the props are compatible with the motor shafts. That is why you sometimes see them sold together.

As you progress in the hobby and want to try different designs or scale-up in size, you will need to learn how weight, balance, power source and available lift are important. There are numerous references out there if you look.

More important, there have been significant software updates since the start of Drone Dojo, but if you have any issues from the courses just post your question on the forum.


Thanks for the reply and info.
I’m spoiled by amazon and must have rapid gratification :slight_smile:


Ordered stuff. I did some checking around and people seem to think using 920kv motors would be alright so I got these on the way:

Would you agree that these should work? Looks like the props fit,etc.

Good thing about amazon is return policy. I didn’t see any others on there that were 935 with the other required properties.

Normally I’d just be patient and just order them off Ali like you suggested, but i have 4 days off work coming up in a few days and wanted to use the time to try this out. Did’nt plan ahead.


Those should be fine. Good to go.
Check out this article regarding motors -,more%20torque%20it%20can%20produce.


Thank you!

Stuff arrived, Gonna start working on it tomorrow.

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