On-board sensor and GPS data


What are the mavlink commands to interrogate for the copter sensor data?
What are the commands to read current GPS coordinates?
Can this work in the SITL?
How can I read the coordinates into a companion Raspberry Pi?


Hi there jax200!

First of all, I am embarrassed for not answering this question for so long. My notifications for new forum messages was turned off, and I was naively depending on that to detect new forum activity. Previously, I have depended on emails, but that will be changing with daily forum scans from myself!

I understand you have probably found an answer to your inquriy, seeing as how industrious you are. But just in case the issue is outstanding, I will add my 2 cents here.

I believe in the python script, once a dronekit connection has been established, you are returned a dronekit object which you can query for various sensory/state information of your drone (including GPS coordinates and other information).

I do not know off the top of my head what the syntax for calling on the state/sensory information of your drone from the dronekit object in the python script, but I will be updating this post shortly. I will also iterate through any other non-answered questions.

Also, thanks for helping others with their troubleshooting, that is very kind and glad to have you as part of the dojo :slight_smile:


Hi…I’m trying to send data from the GPS to the serial monitor but do not send me the data, nor me the sensor data appear, I have made the code apart from the sensors and if it works, remote graph in labview sensors, now I want to send the data from the GPS and I want to do something with google earth and labview.

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