Normal for a battery to lose 2.0 volts after plugging into drone?


I have a Goldbat 3000 mAh, 30C, 3S 11.1V (max) battery, which I can only charge up to 6.87 volts (I do not get more voltage after keeping it on the charger for a longer period). After plugging it into my drone, the drone fails to power up fully (a couple lights turn on, there’s some beeping, then all the lights turn off within 15 seconds.) After the drone powers off, I test the battery again and it reads only 4.85 volts.

So I think I am having an issue with my battery (perhaps it has been shorted), due to its’ failure to charge fully and to power on the drone properly. Anyone experience this before?
thanks in advance!


Indeed it is bad, assuming your charger is working properly.