No GPS detected


When I set up the pixhawk on Mission Planner, my telemetry modules continue to blink red with the green light instead of just displaying green. Also, should there be any light or indication that the GPS module is on/working? The GPS/compass does not show even when I just plug in the pixhawk and try to configure it without the telemetry.

Is this how my compass page should look? Or should I have one compass from my GPS w/ compass module and another inside the pixhawk?


The issue was that the supplied GPS module did not fit the pixhawk (5 pins instead of 6 pins). I am still having problems with getting through the prearm check and calibrating my ESC’s though. “PreArm: Check MOT_PWM_MIN/MAX” is what I get in Mission Planner.


You have several things going on here.
See this regarding the telemetry radio:

Did you order the kit and found the GPS module connector is not compatible with the flight controller?


I tried to do the calibration, and it seems to be stuck in calibration mode (blinking red, green, blue). The motors spin, but when I exit and unplug the battery and plug in to “restart” the flight controller, it goes back to blinking yellow twice and beeping meaning it needs to calibrate… any suggestions?


I have never used CAN, always i2c without issue.