No ESC beeps


Hey total noob here. Bought the drone kit and I have built my drone completely but cannot get any response from ESCs.

Pi is powered while soldered to board so I have no idea what the issue is with the ESCs and motor.

Swapped out to another esc of exact same type still nothing swapped motor as well still nothing.
I can connect to pixhawk from Mission Manager and start the calibration for the esc but when it reboots all it does is the correct flash of it calibrating the escs but no sounds from the motors or escs.


Hi Geist

It doesn’t sound like the escs and motors are getting power. You are testing with a LiPo, right?
Using power from the boards themselves will not supply enough power.
Also ensure you have wired them correctly to the PDB, ie, the power distribution board integrated into the frame.


Thanks for the response! Yeah after some troubleshooting I discovered a problem with the PDB working through putting a new one on and rebuilding.